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We develop digital business through four areas of expertise:

Domino Design Sprint! speed up processes and increase the quality of your projects, in just 4 days.

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Service Design
Value creation

Digital Transformation, new services.



  • Design Sprint!
  • Personas Design
  • User Experience

We identify and define new business opportunities. Additionally, we analyze and improve services.

Service Design combines product design practices with interaction design to create or develop a service for users. The goal is to boost the value for the client prospects and the brand.

Service Design Sprint! is a method that allows to settle project decisions, create or upgrade preexisting services, reducing the effort of months of work into a few full-immersion days.


Digital Marketing and Customer Experience
Listen and improve

Campaigns, lead generation, marketing automation, analytics and Omnichannel (on-offline) sales paths management.



  • Digital Marketing
  • Customer Experience
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Intelligent Assistant
  • Brand & Communication
  • Storytelling
  • Preventivo Emozionale

The goal of understanding personal needs in order to design automated and personalized solutions, creating a real business relationship.

Customer Experience is the client’s perception of the company. Starting from the first customer interactions with the organization, where his requirements are still not well defined, and it further carries on in the post-sale phase.

We answer the client’s demand by creating digital marketing campaigns based on data analysis, the sale process and its optimization.


Digital Products
Appeal and efficiency

Website, intranet, mobile app, reserved areas, PED social network.



  • Website
  • Video
  • Mobile Apps
  • Data Visualization

We design and realize digital products that are  efficient and unforgettable.

Our starting point is the needs of end-users which outline the appearance and purpose of each product. Our integrated approach comprehends Storytelling, User Interface and User Experience Design. This method guides the creation of the final output, cherry-picks the best ideas, and gives them an aesthetic that excites and leaves a mark.


Information Technology
Expertise and Know-how

CMS, CRM, ad-hoc integrations, platform management, hosting.



  • CMS
  • Open Data
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Migration
  • Middle Ware
  • Security
  • Development

Technologies that enable companies to offer new and innovative services.

We rely on several well-tested options for CMS, CRM, host, artificial intelligence, and collaborative suits. We carry out assessments daily, and we never back down from integrating new technologies into our systems. We are naturally curious, thrilled by efficiency and the creation of new scenarios and interaction possibilities.

Enterprise solutions

  • adobe
  • ibm
  • hs
  • sp

Corporate Solutions

  • wpress
  • jboss
  • liferay
  • drupal
  • 3d
  • gaia
  • elastic

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