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Domino and 
IBM Watson addressing together bullying

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The first virtual assistant against bullying is of the name BR-Uno.

Nowadays, parents, teachers and institutions show a great interest in the phenomenon of bullying, sadly still with inability to provide adequate answers.

Most of the victims of bullying do not speak about the probelm because:

    they have no trust in
  • they are afraid of consequences;
  • they feel guilty and/or ashamed;
  • they are afraid of not being taken seriously.

BR-Uno is an advantage because:

  • is not an adult;
  • protects privacy of the users;
  • listens without making any judgements;
  • every request is taken seriously.
BR-Uno is being tested and unfortunately you can not use it yet.
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BR-Uno facilitates communication and connection

Aim of the BR-Uno is to provide help to all involved. Both to young people (victims, bulliers or witnesses) and to adults (teachers and parents).

IBM Watson can turn out to be useful also in your business

The daily generated data tend to infinity: it is expected to reach the volume of 44 thousand billion gigabytes by 2020. 80% of the data are non-structured: from images to sounds, to people's emotional states.

Perception and interaction are mediated by the IB Watson technology. Is it the first cognitive system to be arrived on the market. Having the ability of communicating in natural language, it can reason the arguments, hypotheses and options. And has no limits in self-studying.


  • ico_ibm
    Family Feeling

    Watson runs on the IBM's server, therefore, can be updated in accordance with the product innovations as well as their technical support. 

  • Simplicity
    Watson Assistant has a list of pre-built dialogues that can be easily adapted to a specific business.
  • Analisi e Suggerimenti
    Analysis and suggestions
    Watson is having a self-learning ability. It is the analysis of conversions that decides what kind of skills are gonna be improved. 
  • Ampia gamma
    Wide range of use
    Thanks to the wide range of available products and services, IBM Watson is already able to adapt to many different types of business.