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The Emotional Quotation increases the conversions of your quotes and transforms them into memorable customer experiences that have impact on the sales

The Emotional Quotation is a platform that  supports sales of valuable products and services.


  • Icona Cliente
    A customer requests a quotation
  • Icona Genera Minisito
    The seller generates with a click an Emotional Quotation customised to the customers' preferences.
  • ico_riceve-minisito.png
    The customer receives his Emotional quotation with the customised content. 
  • ico_relazione.png
    Emotional quotation empowers the seller to establish a relationship with every client individually and thus make it more valuable 

It adapts to your business

The Emotional quotation assumes the appearance of your brand by extending the description of your products or services using videos, animations, images. The contents are always updated and created directly by the brand, which thus guarantees the communicative standard shared with the end customer.
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It creates a unique and a memorable experience

Thanks to the Emotional Quotation the customer has many more elements when evaluate your product or service. 

The price ceases to be the determining factor in the selection phase, in favor of quality and services.

It supports sales

The Emotional Quotation helps the seller in the crucial phases of the sale, highlighting all the opportunities and advantages to the customer.


  • Icona Web o App
    Web e App
    It is web based but it can be an app too
  • Icona Stats
    Handy stats
    Statistics panel to check on the productivity of sales points
  • Icona Catalogo
    A catalog always up-to-date
    Digital management of content in the cloud
  • Icona Brand Identity
    Brand Identity
    Control the communication standards of your brand
  • Icona Tested
    A platform tested with large volumes of data
    More than 100,000 generated quotations per year
  • Icona Integrazione
    Simple integration
    Can be integrated with the major ERP and CRM systems
  • Icona Cloud
    IBM Cloud
    Turn-key, easy to install

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