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We have been Proudly Interactive since 1996

About us.

We get captivated when our customers are narrating their businesses.

We are those, who are looking for the results as early as designing solutions.

Those, who when facing a challenge do not chicken out.

We are composed of simple ingredients that we take care of every day, with passion and lightness.

That is who we are.

Andrea Bosso

Andrea Bosso

Strategy and consulting director
Emiliano Cianci

Emiliano Cianci

Product Director
Giovanni Borgna

Giovanni Borgna

Administration and Finance director

50 employees

Our employees are our greatest asset. Our power comes from the inside, from the personal strength, creativity and dedication of every one of our employees, regardless of their functional area or expertise. Would you like to join us?

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2 cities

We do unify the north from Torino to Venice
(and gladly travel also to the south)

Over the years we have learnt to ...

Engage yourself in a gripping story of ...

Between 2000 and 2004 we were helping Martini to articulate a powerful brand story, which can be drunk in one go. 

Give the right information at the right time

With the Seat Pagine Gialle project in 1996 we worked on the most authoritative business database, because providing reliable information is the first step towards a good Customer Experience.

Share with the world

There is a great importance of sharing passions. This is especially true for sport. The Juventus.com and Juventusmember.com projects allowed us to play on the field from 2007 to 2012 and understand the rules of the game.

Offering a unique experience

The journey to success is a pathway paved with many educational experience. One of them, when collaborating with New Holland between 2009-2012, was that an effective customer experience starts from the relationship with the dealer.

Overcome limits

A journey around the world behind the wheel of an Italian car has begun in 2010. Having built the new Fiat site, allowed us to make our presence felt in 21 countries and to pilot an international project till its finish line.
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