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We are searching for the people who are stronger than us.  

The domineer is made to A: knows all (or almost) digital topics and is very strong in a specific field.

Would you like to join our team?

You have a right to do so, only if...

    Put good ideas into practice

    When we are working on a project we like to plan it in detail and be ready to question it until we get an optimal result. Only in this way we can be really satisfied.

    Be curious 

    We want those, who let themselves be fascinated by the most unexpected topics. Those, who ask, are updated, interact, understand, solve. 

    Stay calm and concentrated 

    Nervous people can not produce quality work. We want to speak clearly, put stuff blunt, listen carefully, display solutions and solve problems. 

    a goal oriented person

    We are trying to present a value that generates profit in every project. Domino is a company and companies in general exist to create projects that are not only effective, but also efficient. 

But, above all, you must be*...

  1. uno


    We are not liars. We do not lie both to each other and to our clients.
  2. due


    We are consistent and we are always trying to be guided by this value in each project.
  3. tre


    We have great respect for work and we appreciate those who can behave. 
* We know that those values are "boy scout", but this is what makes us a team. 

Will you accept a challenge?

Do you find yourself comfortable with our values and philosophy? Then join our team!
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