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Veritas Scoasse. Living in the better environment.

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Where to dispose your waste properly? Where to find public water fountains and toilets? Where are all the other Veritas services ready to use?

Behind all this is Scoasse.




Veritas is a multi-utility operating in the historic centre of the city of Venice. Every year, in addition to its 55 000 residents, 25 million tourists come. To tackle the poor feasibility of the collection of waste (in fact, the "scoasse") and also other public services, Domino has created an app to help Veritas solve this problem.


  • Increase the efficiency of door-to-door household waste collection.
  • Teach the tourists how to act better in the city centre, by using public water and adequate sanitation.
  • Provide the Venice residents with a guide to Veritas services (cumbersome collection, used oil, etc.)


  • Defined the key needs to be answered with the help of Veritas.
  • Designed their UX.
  • Designed and developed the app both for iOs and Android devices.

What can you find when using Scoasse

  • Raccolta Barca
    Collection points
    Each area has a collection service with Veritas boats dedicated to the collection of waste. Scoasse indicates the time and the place of the boats and the waste collection schedule.
  • Fontana
    All the active fountains in the historic center, with indications on the organoleptic properties of the water.
  • Bagni pubblici
    Places, services and opening hours of public baths in the historic center.
  • ico ecocentro@3x
    The collection points for bulky waste, with schedules and methods of conferment.
  • icona olio@3x
    Used cooking oil collection
    The map shows the geolocation of used oil containers.
  • ico picnic@3x
    Picnic areas
    Directions to tourists to find convenient places for eating their packed lunch.


Would you like to know how does it work?
Download Scoasse for Android or for iOS.