A personalised customer experience for each and every user of MYIVECO.

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A single place where to use every service conceived by IVECO and to fully enjoy their vehicles.

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  • Implement a tool to monitor a driving performance.
  • Offer an interactive experience to users.
  • Having one single place where all new services can be brought together.


  • A marketplace system to purchase services that involves sales force, headquarter and customers.
  • Entirely personaliSed dashboard.
  • A service open to external partnerships to the user's benefit.

The user stays in the center of every process

The relationship with the company does not end at the time of purchase, but continues with following services tailored to each user also later on.
MyIVECO is the complete experience that redefines the relationships between the actors involved in the customer experience, bringing everyone together in a single platform.


  • ico_web-market-place

    Uno store online dove acquistare strumenti e servizi

  • ico_web-valore
    Maggior valorepercepito

    Brand e prodotti acquisiscono maggior valore agli occhi degli utenti

  • ico_web-massima-apertura
    Massima apertura

    L’utente beneficia in un unico luogo delle partnership con servizi esterni

  • ico_web-upselling
    Upselling e cross-selling

    L’esperienza di acquisto continua, insieme al rapporto tra azienda e cliente

  • Alta profilazione
    Alta profilazione

    Possibilità di inviare comunicazione mirate, in un rapporto più stretto con l’utente

Data is the fundamental value for every company.We started with MyIVECO was to create a platform where the analysis of data arriving from vehicles thanks to telemetry was the simplest and most intuitive possible. 



A different dashboard for a different need: 

From top to down. The IVECO's headquarters is enabled to check on all processes, obtaining a complete vision of its community.A fleet manager can take advantage of this platform for directing its' fleets, separate vehicles and drivers and for monitoring consumption, so as to obtain a complete vision of his community.A driver can see its' own progress in its' driving style.

Una dashboard diversa per ogni esigenza

The widgets of the individual services can be purchased on an internal marketplace, and arranged in your own dashboard at will. From the analysis of data to the management of appointments, tailored assistance to tracking vehicles: an always updated store allows you to directly purchase services and widgets more similar to your work, for faster and more efficient sales processes.

A process that does not end with the purchase of the vehicle, but embraces the entire customer experience by offering quality services to the user, raising his perception of the brand.