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Domino for Comau:
brand image and industry.

Helping the company with storytelling is a complicated and fascinating challenge.

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How should we present our company? How can we draw strength from the new positioning? How can we transmit this force to the external environments of the company? How can we differentiate ourselves from competitors?


We conjured solid concepts and chose strong means of communication. We designed the imagery capable of representing and communicating the company to the fullest.

Show us your life, your story and your scenario, all related.
We take that as a starting point and scenario. 






What have we done?

  • Brand Identity
    Brand Book
    Manual where how to use communication elements internationally is explained. 
  • Piena integrazione on / off line
    Online/Offline integration
    All the posibilies of contacting a customer are strategically integrated.
  • Materiali istituzionali e gadget
    Branding materials
    Stationery, letterhead, signs, art bombing, etc.
  • On / off line advertising
    On / off line advertising
    Piano di comunicazione internazionale integrato digitale e su carta stampata.
  • ico_brochure
    Brochures and technical sheets
    Full control of corporate communication standards.
  • ico_segnaletica
    Internal signposting
    A company that is both easy to read and to live on a daily basis.
  • Website and landing pages
    Website and landing pages
    An international digital presence and a rich and complex offer of services, products and solutions.
  • Consulenza e Art Direction
    Consultancy and Art Direction
    We provide our clients by many consultations so as to keep constant synergy in between us.

We always work together with our clients to create a perfect synergy and connection that joins their values with innovations. And this could be the reason why we are recognized as a top Branding Agency on DesignRush. :)