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Consistency and Memorability are the main ingredients to cook a successful Customer Experience.

We have advanced from the model of the sequence of predictable and constant visits of customer to specific pages to the model of active interaction (a two-way communication between a customer and a company’s brand or product) happening throughout a day.

All in all, every brand that wants to offer a good customer experience has to emphasize consistency and memorability of the online activities. 


Customer experience
It is an encounter of general and contextually relevant contents  based on the needs and habits of each client. Thus, we have to pose ourselves questions such as: Do we deal with a  new customer or a loyal one? Is general information what he is seeking or just a sales contact?

Customer experience (CX) customer experience is best described as the perception customers have of your brand or product, based on all touchpoints, interactions, and engagements made from the very first contact to  the post-sales phase.

Processing the customer's needs, making promises based on the customer's expectations and then keeping them, is the basis of a good customer experience and that is what we are trying to accomplish. 

I nostri clienti

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