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Domino for Arca fondi: customer experience serving the Financial World

Everything starts with a Design Sprint!

We met in Milan to design a tool together that helps bank consultants allocate funds for their clients. The challenge? To create a prototype in 4 days.


"Breaking the mold to maximize creativity"

Our way of working in sprints, told by Riccardo Ceretti, Head of Innovaction Lab at Arca Fondi SGR.

From prototype to tool: Arca Advisor Assistant, assistance for bank distributors

A new digital tool made available by Arca to help distributors create tailored investment proposals for their clients: easy, interactive, personalized.


  • Multi-bank capability
  • Ease of use
  • Fast processing of proposals
  • Conveying confidence to clients
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Integration with bank procedures
  • Goal-oriented communication
  • Simplifying complex concepts for understanding

the result

  • Available integration for different banks
  • Simple and clear interface
  • A lightweight system capable of processing and sending proposals in real-time
  • Useful tools for the advisory phase
  • Application of finance sector regulations
  • Compliance with current security procedures
  • Creating a proposal that starts with the client's desires
  • Use of graphs to represent projections and financial results

Arca Futura.​ Transforming a pension fund into a gift.

Our partnership with Arca Fondi continues with a new challenge: to enhance one of Arca's services by transforming it into a physical product. This is how Arca Futura was born.​​

With the Arca Futura gift box, one can give a sum of money, which will then be credited to the Arca Pension Fund or other accounts, in a tangible way.

  • Purchasable with just a few clicks
  • Easy and quick to activate
  • Contains items that convey the value of the gift over time

The side by side working method for continued collaborative design.

After Arca Futura, the momentum doesn't stop: thanks to a side by side working method, with 3 Design Sprints! per year integrated into the Growth Driven Design process, we continue to develop digital projects together.

Screen Frame

A single website, multiple private areas, tailored to meet the needs of all its users.

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The challenge: communicating sustainable investments.

Sustainability is increasingly important, but it's also a significant challenge. How do we make it tangible, and therefore real? We attempted to do this by demonstrating the impact of sustainable investments on one’s portfolio and the positive return in terms of emissions for the environment.

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But let's talk about you. Listening to your challenges is one of the things we enjoy the most.