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Domino Design Sprint!
Your project in 4 days!

Agency and client at the same table for 4 days: choose a goal and get a prototype of a website, app or customer experience.

mpossible? We have already done it, it’s called Design Spint!


  • day 1
    We identify the personas and develop the buyer journeys or mental models of 2 selected personas
  • day 2
    Sketch & Decide
    We deepen together concepts and solutions that solve the problems of the personas identified
  • day 3
    Domino works on the solution and shares a preview with the entire team
  • day 4
    Sharing final results
    Domino finalizes the solution and delivers the prototype of the Design Sprint!

A method based on Design Thinking and experience

Design Sprint! is a Google Ventures process that exploits the principles of the Agile methodology and Design Thinking.

Andrea Bosso (CEO) speaks of 25 years of Domino experience in the sector and how this method has brought concrete results for real customers.

Why it works

  • Speed up process
    Proven process
    We compress time from months to days: it is a method tested in 3 years and with numerous customers
  • Focus sul mercato
    Focus on the market
    We help the whole team to identify and focus on the needs of the final customers
  • Buy-in aziendale
    Corporate buy-in
    A multidisciplinary team faces challenges from different points of view, from business to UX
  • Risultati tangibili in 4 giorni
    Tangible results in 4 days
    In 4 days we produce a prototype ready to be tested and approved by the decision makers involved


In 4 days you can face challenges, from rebranding to the creation of a new prototype.


Intranet for LINKS Foundation

From the request for a more effective internal communication method to the prototype of an intranet integrated with corporate collaborative tools.

Arca Fondi

Customer Experience for Arca Fondi

We started from the investment simulator to a continuous collaboration that redefined the entire ARCA offer.


Website for Masi

Four days to imagine a website that responds to customer needs by with focus on product storytelling.

Beantech - interfacce industriali

Industrial interfaces for Beantech

We created an interface system for industrial applications that allows users to customize their experience based on the context in the establishment.

I nostri clienti

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Tell us your goal, we will help you find the Design Sprint! that's right for you


Process aimed at creating and developing a new product or service

  • Service Design Sprint!
    prototyping & testing with design thinking methods


Process dedicated to those who have a specific business objective: 


Process dedicated to the design of a digital tool:

  • Website Design Sprint!
    prototyping and testing of websites or apps
  • Intranet Design Sprint!
    prototyping and testing of company collaborative tools
Design Sprint! - Miro

We can do it also in remotely, using interactive dashboards to collaborate as a single team


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