A unique process that begins with attraction. From visitor to client with Inbound Marketing.

The passage to digital is no longer merely an option and every company needs to be able to evaluate the investments it made.

Marketing and sales need to increase their synergy to obtain hot contacts ready to make a purchase: the classic Outbound strategies based on pressing and interruptive messages have proven to be quite ineffective.

Inbound Marketing

The Inbound method
The three phases that accompany the user while making a choice and purchase and the best content for each of them.

With Inbound Marketing the point of view changes completely: the user and his needs become the focus of the communication. The process starts with the search of buyer personas, which make it possible to identify real clients (rather than ideal ones) and to develop accurate and interesting messages that accompany them during the selection process and up to the actual moment of purchase.

By combining contents and contexts, Inbound is a Customer Experience method that makes it possible to tell a story tailor-made to the interests of your (future) clients.

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