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ROLLON: when the product becomes experience


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A new website designed starting from the end-user's needs, where the product takes center stage, and the pages are optimized for lead collection.

The product as the protagonist

Explaining complex products clearly. A few well-targeted CTAs to maximize user interaction, visuals that contribute to product recognition, and differentiation from competitors.

Optimization of lead generation

Starting from the user's needs to offer targeted advice and solutions on complex projects through contact forms on the homepage and at the bottom of every product page, with the "Ask Rollon" CTA always prominently displayed.

Client Needs

  • Brand Identity

  • Brand Positioning

  • Localization

  • Service/consulting


Our solutions

  • To develop a website that showcases the dual nature of Rollon (linear guides - actuator systems)
  • Revision of the Brand Image
  • Smart visual content that demonstrates the operation and technical specifications of the product.
  • Downloadable 3D data sheets
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Strategic consultancy

How did we work?
We started with a Website Design Sprint! which involved the major markets to identify the Personas and design a prototype for the 16 markets in scope.


We were able to launch the site in just a few months thanks to the GDD Continous improvement method used for project management.

But let's talk about you. Listening to your challenges is one of the things we enjoy the most.