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Costa Crociere has chosen the Emotional Quotation: the only one impossible to forget.

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A customized digital quote that promotes conversions by enriching the pre-sales experience.



  • 1-1

    The customer requests a quote

  • 2

    The company generates a quote with targeted content in a few clicks

  • 3

    The customer receives a real navigable mini site via e-mail

  • 4

    The company updates and integrates the content according to the customer's needs


  • A series of pages filled in by hand and impractical
  • An anonymous brochure similar to all the others
  • An impersonal and generic offer
  • Ignores the decisive moment of pre-sale
  • It is the price that mostly affects the final choice 



  • A mini site that can be navigated from any device
  • It takes in consideration the look of your brand
  • Relevant and detailed content for each individual customer
  • It can be updated in real time to nourish the relationship with the customer
  • It favors conversions by shifting the focus on the quality of the offer

The quote changes face and turns into experience.

A tool that allows you to establish a relationship of value with each customer by involving them, guiding them and accompanying them in the decision-making phase with a targeted offer that can be updated in real time. Among a sea of offers, it will no longer be the price that will make the difference, but your value.

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  • ico_brand-identity-2
    Improves your brand identity
  • fullresponsive
    Full responsive design
  • upselling
    Encourage upselling
  • quality

    The price is put on a second level

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