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IPI Agency: how to narrate a Real Estate advisory leader

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A new communication strategy that highlights the expertise and role of IPI Agency as an all-encompassing partner for Real Estate asset management.


  • New digital presence that enhances the services and skills of IPI Agency
  • Brand image that is coordinated and consistent with the entire IPI Group ecosystem
  • Communicate effectively to different targets
  • Strengthen the perception of being reliable partners with expertise in the sector


  • Brand repositioning that outlines the role of IPI Agency as specialist in Real Estate Agency and Advisory
  • Shift of the information focus from searching for listings to enhancing the complete package of services
  • Content organization that directly addresses two different "personas" operating in different scenarios (Corporate and Residential)
  • Ample space dedicated to valuable content (market research, analysis, and related services) to consolidate the image of a reliable partner


Two personas, one new website

A new home for IPI Agency, the website is built around the needs of the personas with navigation that enhances and simplifies the two different user experiences. The heart of the information is no longer just the announcement related to a property but all the expertise and services that the company can offer to individuals and corporate clients.


Who is IPI Agency

Not just an ordinary Real Estate agency. The new content structure explains why IPI Agency is a trusted partner: a company that offers comprehensive 360° services in the real estate market, guiding clients through the management of complex real estate assets. This is all supported by history, numbers, case histories, and a strong connection with the various territories in which it operates.


Integrated technologies and processes

The new design straightforwardly enhances real estate listings through a solution designed from IPI Agency's Real Estate management software, presenting properties with simplicity and immediacy.

We started with a Design Sprint! which involved all stakeholders and allowed us to define objectives, personas, and solutions in just 4 days.

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