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Megadyne: digital for B2B opens new business opportunities 

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With the new brand identity and the tailor-made digital marketing strategy, we have embarked on an evolutionary path to improve services and create new business opportunities.


Simplicity, not simplification!

To best represent Megadyne's extensive and complex product range, we developed a comprehensive and clear filtering system with a "double classification" based on both product and industry sector.

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Analysis, improvement, and new opportunities. The structuring of the new marketing strategy began with an analysis of the services offered.


  • Optimize and simplify the management of leads on a global level
  • Strengthen brand authority and increase its visibility
  • Increase business opportunities


  • Hubspot. A new lead management process to automate and optimize data transfer

  • Multichannel Awareness Campaigns, Coordinated and Consistent with the Brand's Digital Image

  • Lead Generation Across Various Channels for an Efficient Sales Process

But let's talk about you. Listening to your challenges is one of the things we enjoy the most.