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Case IH: Lead generation Europe and Brand awareness

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  • Increase lead generation on 12 markets
  • EUROPE coordination for lead and content management
  • Confirm brand authority in major markets and increase brand awareness in minor markets
  • Integration into proprietary CRM of all leads generated, through GDPR compliance flows
  • Increase engagement and interactions with users



  • Multi-channel and multi-market lead generation campaigns, with valuable content to incentivize conversion
  • Definition and refinement of the audience based on the results obtained and qualitative analysis for each market
  • Development of an integrated tool with CRM for sending leads from all touchpoints
  • Creation of an editorial plan to increase the recognition of Case IH as a reference community

Targeted initiatives. Engaging content. Active use.



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    Quality lead generation

    Thanks to a high profiling of the audience we can get leads that are strongly interested in the purchase of products

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    Brand Communication Consistency

    Working in synergy between Headquarters and local markets to create a communication plan consistent with the brand strategy

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    User engagement increase

    Production of content close to the user's needs, accessible at the right time, to encourage interaction with the brand

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