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We are seeking people stronger than us.

The domineer is T-shaped: he knows about all (or nearly all) the digital topics and is highly specialised in one field.

Would you like to join our team? You have got what it takes if...

    You put good ideas into practice

    When we work on a project, we like to plan it in detail and then work to make it real. Our big idea have to be off the ground.

    You are curious

    We like people who are fascinated by the most unlikely topics, who ask questions, seek information, interact, understand, and solve.

    You are calm and concentrated

    Nervous and tense people make bad projects. We believe in speaking clearly, listening carefully, presenting solutions, and solving problems.

    You are goal-oriented

    We seek to introduce value that generates profits in every project. Domino is a company and companies exist to create projects that are not only effective, but also efficient.

But above all, if you are*...

  1. one


    We don’t lie - among ourselves or to our clients. It is not right and is not worthwhile.
  2. two


    We are coherent and always try to let ourselves be guided by this value in every one of our projects.
  3. three


    We respect our work and welcome people who behave politely.
* We know this sounds like you’re joining the "boy scouts", but these values make a good team.

Challenge accepted?

Do you recognise yourself in our philosophy and in our values? Then apply to become a member of our team.
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