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Coherence and Memorability. The ingredients of a good Customer Experience.

We have passed from a model of planned regular visits to numerous interactions spread out over the course of the day.

Giving coherence and memorability to these activities is the objective of every brand name that wants to offer a good customer experience.


The customer experience
The customer experience is the combination of contents and contexts designed according to the needs and habits of each client: is this the first contact or is the person a loyal customer? Is he seeking general information or a sales contact?

Indeed, the customer experience is the perception that the client has of the company. It is built from the very first interactions, which take place before his needs have been fully aknowledged, and continue until the moment of purchase and on through the after-sale phase.

Working on needs, making promises to meet expectations, and keeping these promises are the foundation of a good customer experience and is what we work to attain.

Our clients

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