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Domino has helped Stellantis to create a new intranet, where, conversely to the past, a user is the centre of attention.

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It does not serve only as a portal, but as a platform for the employees to get connected. A kind of network available any time and on whichever device. 

In collaboration with Domino by 2014, we accomplish developing the first portal, where employees are at its heart. Following users' needs, we designed a network that is more dynamic, personalised and easy to make interactions with external platforms. Thus, more than 88 000 employees across the world are logged-in every day.

F. Brignolo - IC Manager


  • To increase user engagement by making communication less topdown
  • To make the platform user friendly in all departments
  • To improve attractiveness of the contents
  • To improve navigability and searching of the content  
  • To turn the portal into a crossroad, considering the personal preferences of a user


  • Social interactions together with UX experience are on the top of the agenda 
  • Fully responsive platform 
  • Modern and user-friendly design where visual content is endorsed
  • Alternative navigation for TAGs also with the possibility of creating thematic stream
  • Optimisation is maximised, enabling to personalise and profile the settings (professional criteria, geographical, job-related, etc.)

Personalised contents provide a user with a unique experience

An employee feels comfortable from the very first logging-in into the intranet, for being welcomed personally and offered adjusted contents in line with his/her job position and interests. 


  • fca-icon-Full-Responsive
    Full Responsive
    Available on any device at any time
  • fca-icon-Widget bar
    Widget bar
    Accompanies in navigation and collects useful services for the job in one place
  • fca-icon-Phonebook

    All data relating to colleagues are just a click away

  • fca-icon-Tag navigation
    Tag navigation

    Filter content by tag that creates thematic streams