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Bitron: a new customer experience to leverage B2B Know-how

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Project goal: to conceive and create a new B2B customer experience that, starting from user needs, could showcase all the company's expertise.


  • Strengthen Bitron's positioning in the consideration phase: not just a simple product catalog, Bitron becomes your partner, providing expertise and consulting services


our solution

  • A journey from consulting to the product. On the new website, each product is positioned at the end of a path designed to tell the user why to choose Bitron: how does it work? What are the vertical skills for each sector? What specific technologies are used for each product?


The new, unified, great site

We embarked on the development of a new digital presence. A single large website capable of merging the existing sites related to individual industries, while continuing to respect the uniqueness and specific experience of each one.


The user's needs at the core of the process

The new site is designed around the needs of its user: a simple and clean interface, support in product searching, immediate and clear calls to action (CTA).


Employee interviews

Beyond the product, beyond the expertise: Bitron is made of people. And it has chosen to value them to the fullest, aiming to carry out a series of interviews to be integrated both on the website and within social media communication.

But let's talk about you. Listening to your challenges is one of the things we enjoy the most.